What Beauty Advent Calendar Should You Get This Year?

Christmas is just around the corner, and whether you believe in the spirit of the season or not, there are some things about the season that simply puts you in a better mood – Christmas carols, white Christmases, holiday dinners and other merriments will please even the grumpiest of grinches. Another such delight is the advent calendar, now you may be familiar with the kind that comes with tiny chocolate pieces hidden in the boxes. We love chocolate as much as the next person, but wouldn’t you want a delight that lasts more than a morsel? One that not only fixes your mood but actually comes in handy for some of the beauty woes?

None of the quick fixes you see on the telly, such as a set of false teeth that magically fix a gap or products for thinning hair; though the latter may be available in other forms such as hair potions, hair oils etc. We bring you a list of luxury calendars that will put you in the holiday cheer almost instantly!

John Lewis & Partner

Now, one of the concerns when it comes to advent calendars is that the assortment of beauty products may not suit everyone, this is where John Lewis & Partner step in, the tiny boxes open up to a plethora of their premium skincare products that would please any John Lewis & Partner fan.

Jo Malone

This one is sure to get anyone excited about the 1st of December; it comes packed with 24 gifts and a little extra something in the 24th box! What’s not to love really? Joining the ranks with the cult classics this year is their Frosted Cherry and Clover candle. Jo Malone lovers, get in line for this baby. The calendar will be available at Harrods from 1st of October onwards and in their boutiques and their website jomalone.co.uk 1st of November onwards.


M&S advent calendar comes bearing a whopping 250 pounds (BPS) worth of gifts hidden inside those cute little squares. The calendar is full of their lust-worthy products ranging across body care, hair care, skin care, fragrances, nail care products and much more. It’s one calendar that will not disappoint, and what’s even better, you get the calendar for 35 pounds, if you buy merchandise worth the same amount. It will be available from 6th of November onwards.


Before you raid the real deal, this mini advent calendar tree comes bearing gifts which you can keep you merry until the Christmas Eve. The slots are filled with the brand’s best selling pieces and will get you started on your festive cheer.


Legology Air-Lite Daily Lifts for Legs, Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask, Goldfaden MD Brightening Elixir are just the tip of the iceberg; this baby comes packed with a similar lust-worthy list of products. If this does not lift your mood, we don’t know what will.


Winter causes a havoc on your skin, it especially robs away the moisture and the radiance, which is why Decleor focuses on restoring the radiance well before the festivities kick in, all their products are focused towards this one beauty goal. It’s like a custom beauty solution in an adorable package.


This one is for the beauty lovers who are glued to youtube makeup tutorials every day. This one comes packed with full-sized contour kits, mini lipstick palettes, tan drops and much more. This is perfect to start you on your journey of nailing down the perfect look in time for Christmas.

Birch Box

This baby sold out in less than 24 hours last year, that should give you a clue or two about how awesome these products will be. OPI, Caudalie, Pixi… and the list goes on. This one is a definite keeper for the holiday season.

La Mer

If this is your first whirl with luxe beauty products, nothing better than La Mer to get you started! This beauty comes packed with the best-selling products of some of the world’s top luxury brands. Get your hands on this as soon as it is out, it will disappear faster than you can blink.

Available for 300 pounds at Harrods.

Body Shop

Body Shop presents 24 days of the enchanted advent calendar, the design is absolutely drool-worthy, the cute owl motif should lighten up the mood almost instantly, if that doesn’t the bevy of travel sized and full sized products such as Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter, Delight Bath Bombs and much more should do the trick.

Paul and Joe  

Paul and Joe Christmas Collection is a visual delight, with two cute felines waiting at the door; they welcome you to a box filled with amazing goodies such as limited edition lipsticks, hand creams, foundations, primers and much more, what’s even better, there is a hard case in there too!

Jo Loves

Jo Loves debut features 24 mesmerizing miniature fragrances and body treats (reserved for the last day) makes it well worth the wait. If you are a perfume connoisseur, you can’t miss out on this one.

Fortnum & Mason

This is the first year the brand- Fortnum & Mason has presented 400 limited edition advent calendars. The tiny boxes come bearing threats ranging from skincare, haircare to make-up items and much more. Now that’s what we call a Merry Christmas!

Feel Unique

Curated by their team of experts at Feel Unique, this beauty box comes packed with gems from the top selling items on their website. It also features some new, must-try products! Add this to your list of must-dos for the festive season.


By the time you are done getting through each and every tiny little box in L’Occitane advent calendar, your beauty kit for 2019 will be ready and good to go. They got your covered, right from fragrances to their Divine Cream. You got it all!

These are our top 15 picks, these should keep you very Merry until Christmas!

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