This Winter’s Essential Beauty Products

Winter, some welcome it with arms wide open and some wish to keep it at an arm’s length. Whatever your attitude towards winter, there are some essential routines that you simply cannot avoid. Winter skin ritual is one of those. We are well aware that summer wreaks a havoc on the skin, winter is no different. The constant switch between cold and warm settings (indoor heating systems) can be grueling on your skin. In winter your skin needs special care. Harsh winds strip your skin and hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and lifeless. It needs some TLC to infuse life back into it. Let’s look at how to feed your body and mind with the steps mentioned below to keep them at their best.


It’s essential to have a good morning and night skincare routine in place to fight off the effects of winter. Both routines should include products that are hydrating, one of the major issues faced during winter is skin dehydration, using products that are ultra-hydrating help combat this issue.

Dry and oily skin needs to be tended to separately in the sweater weather. Dry skin loses moisture much more easily than oily skin, and hence products that restore natural oils back into the skin are a must, Refinery29 has a list of winter essentials for dry skin all prepped up.

When it comes to oily skin, most people think it’s okay to forgo moisturizing because of the excess oil that the face naturally produces. The key here is not to abandon moisturizing all together but to use products that are oil-free yet hydrating. Here’s a list of winter essentials for oily skin that can come in handy.

Another common mistake is to forgo the use of sunscreen. Most people think that sun protection is not needed on dark overcast winter days. It’s a big no-no, you need sun protection whether the sun is out or not. UVB and UVA rays enter our atmosphere regardless. It is essential to use broad-spectrum winter sunscreens which protect against these harmful effects of the sun.

Chapped lips are a common occurrence during the colder months. A few steps can go a long way in keeping your lips well hydrated and soft. This simple 6-step formula should do the trick.


Harsh winter not only has adverse effects on your skin but also affects your lustrous mane. Cold outdoors and warm indoor can lead to split ends and breakage of your precious strands. Fret not, there are simple measures that you can take to ensure your mane is hail and hearty throughout the colder months. Listed below are some tips and trick to help keep your locks lustrous.

  1. Shampoo seldom to avoid itchy, flaky scalp. Also when you do shampoo, use an extra hydrating formula to retain the moisture of your locks. Also, use an oil-based conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and nourished. Listed here are best shampoo and conditioners for winter.
  2. Ease up on heat-based styling, air/towel dry your hair or dry it on a lower temperature. Use nourishing leave-in conditioners and serum to protect your hair. If you must simply blow-dry or style your hair, use a heat-protecting spray or serum. We would suggest giving your hairspray a miss completely. Here’s a list of 6 styling products that are super hydrating and will keep your locks looking good. And lastly, use a micro-fibre towel to prevent static, and nourish it with a soothing serum to avoid frizz.

Oral care

Winter brings with it a set of oral health issues such as sensitive teeth, dry mouth, gum recessions etc. How do you make your way around it? It’s simple, get an appointment with your dentist to maintain good dental hygiene. If going to a dentist is not an option. Here are some measures you can take, to take care of your pearlies in the colder months, pay special attention to gum care during winter.

Also, winter prompts extra intake of coffee, gravies, curries and other comfort food. One also tends to drink more alcohol such as wine, which stains the teeth, to keep warm. Excessive smoking is another way to keep warm, all of which take a toll on the health of your teeth and cause discolouration. Colour correction treatments and other cosmetic dentistry procedures can ensure your flashers stay looking good.

Mental care

Winter not only takes a toll on the body, it also affects the mind. Lesser sunlight can affect the mood and bring your morale down. It is essential to take some time out for yourself to ensure you are fit inside out. Meditating is a useful practice throughout the year but can be especially useful during colder months. Use of essential oils while meditating or for soothing baths can be rejuvenating for the body and the soul.

Also incorporating a routine and some form of physical activity can help in keeping your mental health strong and can also help in laying off the winter weight. Here are some tips to ensure your mental health game is strong this winter.

A slight shift in your daily rituals will come in handy to ensure you stay at your best. Take good care of your diet by incorporating healthy fats and carbs into your diet and leaner proteins. Make sure you use products designed for winter. Keep styling to a bare minimum. Swap your matte makeup products with moisturizing ones to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It’s easy to overlook your water intake in the winter. Keeping the body hydrated is the key to retaining moisture in the body. A healthy diet, skin and hair care routine and measures to maintain oral and mental health is the key to sailing through the season.

We hope equipped with these tips you would welcome winter in aplomb and enjoy the beautiful weather without any worries.

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