Fresh New Looks For 2018

Goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018! Another year is upon us and we all begin to wonder what will 2018 bring? Last year it was all about all things in rose gold, 3D flowers, and voice activated technology. So, what new things can we indulge and look forward to this year? Read on and we’ll reveal everything you can expect to find in fashion, beauty, fitness and food.

The World of Fashion

  •         Lavender

We begin with fashion and this spring it’s time for pink to move over and make space for the colour lavender. Not only will you will find it on oversized knits, metallic, suit sets and floaty dresses, it will also be the shade that will be popping up in our make-up products including lipsticks and highlighters.

  •         Feather and Fringing

Not always a look suitable for the daytime, feathers and fringing made their appearance on the catwalks and have filtered through into the high street. Be a part of this trend with a fringed top or a feather trimmed skirt or bag.

  •         Reversed Polka Dots

A look that’s taken over from florals and that can work all year is the black on white polka dot trend. For this reason, it’s worth splashing out on a top or a dress as you’ll be able to get a good few wears out of this item.

  •         Double Dark Denim

Wave bye-bye to ripped and embellished jeans for a more stylish and sophisticated look. Matching denim outfits in deep indigo are taking over.

  •         Plastics

So, last year it was all about vinyl’s and this year its moved on to plastics. Look out for waterproof knee-high boots, trench coats and handbags in shiny transparent plastic.


  •         Curls

The year for all of you that are curly haired! 2017 saw a fascination with naturally textured and curly hair which isn’t going anywhere this year, and it’s all about getting those curls to be bigger than ever.

  •         Scrunchies

The craze of the 90’s is back! Grab your scrunchie to create a loose ponytail look and avoid using an overly large scrunchie to keep this look modern rather than retro. Additionally, opt for a plain scrunchie and avoid metallics or patterns.

  •         School Girl Plaits

Steer clear of last year’s boxer braids and this year keep your plaits untidy and loose. Avoid using hair bobbles and stick to simple elastics to ensure your looking sophisticated and not childlike. Try some of these easy plaited hairstyles to start with.

  •         Silver Hair

Move over grey and pastel hair as we head towards a more magical looking colour, silver. Metallics in clothes and make up are hot this year and now also influencing this hair colour. So, the next time you’re at the hairdressers in Hamilton, choose between a gloss to add a beautiful shimmer or go all the way with an ultra-extreme silver.

  •         Barrettes

Barrettes are the must have hair accessory of 2018. The best way to wear them is to simply slide them in so that they are almost level with your ears. Allow the texture of your hair to remain natural and virtually undone to allow the barrette to speak for itself.

Beauty and Cosmetics

  •         Products infused with Water

H2o infused beauty products will be hitting the shelves this year with lip oils that are water blending and facial creams which will be water infused. As for the cleansing god micellar water, this will now be moving into our hair products.   

  •         Diamond Teeth

Perhaps this will be the new look for 2018. A dentist based In Beverly Hills spoke about the craze for jewel encrusted grills and diamond teeth amongst the Hollywood celebs in 2017. If this takes your fancy then it is possible to add real diamonds, Swarovski crystals as well as other jewels to the structure of your teeth to add a real glamorous sparkle when you smile. Don’t forget to visit your Hamilton dentist before trying anything like this, however!


  •         Gadgets

This year we will see the rise in gadgets that improve your health and well-being. For example, Spire Health Tag and have come together to create a ‘smart swimsuit’ which enables swimmers to monitor their workouts whilst in the water. To improve sleep, Phillips have launched a wearable headband and Neutrogena have revealed its SkinScanner which syncs to the skin360 app and attaches to an iPhone so that a user can assess their skin.

  •         Fitness

It’s all about self-care as the look at fitness in 2018. By this we are referring to focussing on the connection between the mind-body and recovery. With an increase in popularity of sound therapy and meditation studios, workouts which combine strength building and fitness are on the increase. Additionally, you are likely to come across more recovery based exercises such as cryotherapy and foam rolling classes.

  •        Adaptogens

Its highly likely that you’ve eaten plenty of this healthy ingredient even though you may not have heard of the word before. In the health world, Turmeric is already well known and now other adaptogens are rising to the surface. Examples of these are reishi, astragalus, holy basil and maca, all of which boost sleep and the immune system as well as work against anxiety and stress. These ingredients are available in herbal form as well as in supplement form.

Food and Drinks

  •         Sparkling Drinks

2018 will be the year to raise your glasses to all sparkling drinks. We are not just talking about sparkling water, this year it’s all about sparkling sodas that are alcoholic, sparkling cold brew as well as sparkling mineral waters. Cheers everyone!

  •         Food Aesthetics

As for food fashion in 2018, the focus surrounds around understanding our food and a shift towards plate aesthetics such as edible flowers to add a shot of colour to our dining which is naturally pleasing to the eye. Additionally, we can expect to see our food adorned in 24K gold décor.

So there we have it, an extensive list of what’s hot for 2018 for you to immerse yourself in at your leisure.

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