Clear Skin Is The No. 1 Beauty Trend In 2020: Here’s How To Get It

All of us would love to have clear skin, but it’s a tough call as we’ve got lots of things against us. For instance, pollution, as well as hormones, can all affect our skin and prevent it from being clear. It’s easy to regularly remember to visit your hair stylist, but facials may not always be possible. The good news is it is possible however to get clear skin and this is the number one beauty trend in 2020. In order to achieve clear skin, dermatologists have said that you may need to make some changes to your lifestyle. Below we will highlight some top tips that dermatologists have provided to ensure that you achieve clear skin this year. 

  •  Face wash

The face wash that you use on your skin is important and you need to ensure that you use something that’s been created for skin that is acne-prone,  especially if you suffer from breakouts. The reason for this is because some face washes remove any natural oil that’s in the skin and this is a negative as it actually causes more breakouts as it can increase the oil in your skin. The best thing to do is to use a mild cleanser which will be more gentle on your skin. 

  •   Cleansing brush

In order to make sure your skin is clear, you need to make sure you are cleansing properly. The best thing you can use is a cleansing device as these remove make up. So as well as cleansing the skin, these devices also help to exfoliate the skin which leaves the skin looking cleaner, smooth and glow.

  • Pimples

If you do suffer from pimples then make sure you do not pop or pick them. Instead, it is better to apply a treatment to the pimple.

  •  Hygiene

Remember to hygienically clean those important things, i.e makeup brushes and denture implants etc. can be easy, but we can often forget other important things that need cleaning regularly too.  This may sound unusual but make sure that your mobile phone is hygienically cleaned. The bacteria that live on your phone, for instance, could be causing breakouts on your skin. It’s best to not put mobile phones against your face and it is worth using earphones instead. Make sure you regularly clean your mobile phone with a suitable cleanser. 

  •  Topical retinoids

If you are suffering with acne then make sure you use topical retinoids. Do use a topical retinoid that contains Vitamin A, an antioxidant, each evening. You will see that this will help to treat your skin as it will unclog any follicles.

  • Diet

Even those amongst us who eat well will be guilty of occasionally eating junk food. Although it’s probably unavoidable, to ensure you have clear skin, you need to avoid sugar as well as dairy. Instead, look for foods that are rich in antioxidants.

  • Toners

Make sure that you use a toner each morning and every evening as part of your routine. Ideally, find a toner that contains salicylic acid as well as glycolic acid as these elements help to keep the pores unclogged.

  •   Masks

If you don’t often have time to have a facial then make sure that you take some time out to have a clay mask facial at home. It’s easy to even create your own women’s or men’s facial mask at home and all you need to do is mix one tablespoon of water with two tablespoons of calcium bentonite clay powder. In this mixture, add one tablespoon of honey and they should make a nice paste. Take your clay mask and apply it to your skin for around 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off with some warm water and a facecloth. Finally, remember to pat your skin dry and you will see how hydrated and smooth your skin looks and feels. 

  •  Sleep

If you want to have clear skin then make sure you are getting good sleep. When you sleep, your skin regenerates, hence why a poor night’s sleep can lead to dark circles, puffy eyes and a dull complexion. So where possible, go to bed an hour earlier than normal, indulge in a nice hot bubble bath or try some meditation before you go to sleep.

  • Light therapy

If you feel you really need it then you could consider investing in an LED device. These devices work by emitting a low level of energy and this penetrates the skin and can rejuvenate the skin by repairing any tissue as well as heal any wounds. An LED device can also stimulate collagen, reduce bacteria and help with inflammation in the skin.

  • Be gentle

It’s important to be gentle with your skin as if you scrub it too hard you will leave your skin looking red and rough. Trying to avoid scrubs and washcloths where possible as these can cause skin irritation. Rather than using your hands, choose a cleansing brush and make sure you keep your cleansing brush clean to avoid transferring dirt back onto your face. 

  •  Sunscreen

When you tan your skin, not only do you increase your risk of skin cancer,  you also increase the risk of breakouts. This is especially if you suffer from acne as the humidity, heat and sun can result in your oil glands becoming overactive. Another important factor to ensure is that you use sunscreen. When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, make sure you pick one that is oil-free.

There are plenty of tips to follow a path which you can take into account to ensure that you can make your skin as clear, blemish-free and smooth as possible. 

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