Beauty Trends That Are Here To Stay

Let’s be honest for a minute. At some point in your life, you’ve probably given in to a beauty trend and tried out the latest and the greatest gadget, product, or treatment, maybe hoping that for once it will work instead of fail miserably like so many trends of the moment. Even if you haven’t, you’ve most likely at least been curious or really wanted to try out that new face wash or lip plumping lipstick that you saw on a beauty website or fashion magazine.

Part of the reality with trends is that they’re usually fleeting. Products come and go, and styles switch over every season. Even the way we use products changes, like using hairspray to simulate beach waves or using it to create big, voluminous hair in the 1980’s. But, every once in awhile, something hits the market that makes a big wave in beauty and sticks around even longer than your bad perm when you were 13.

Laser hair removal

Just as new-aged as it sounds, laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and increasingly popular option to remove unwanted hair. It’s also becoming more and more relatively affordable as the technology is improving and treatment facilities are opening up.

The obvious reason why laser hair removal is here to stay, is because the other options for removing hair are tedious and frustrating. Shaving, plucking, and waxing can not only be extremely expensive if you’re getting it professionally done, but also can cause skin irritation for some people. For those of us who are living on a strict and tight budget, here’s some shaving tips to help make the best of it.  

But, even if you are on the strictest of budgets, keep in mind that laser hair removal can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Think about the shaving gel you purchase, the razors, or the monthly waxing visits. When you invest in laser hair removal, you remove all those costs from your budget, permanently! It might help you to take a look at what you currently spend each month on these products and services, to see how much you’d save after just a year or two post laser treatment.

Plus, many laser hair removal businesses offer a payment plan that helps spread out the initial cost and can possibly make it just as affordable as your monthly waxes.

Professional hair colour

Remember those old highlight box kits? Or worse, products like Sun-In that turned some unfortunate consumer’s hair a not so pretty shade of green? Those days of attempting to colour or highlight your own hair are, thankfully, well behind us. However, there’s still plenty of people attempting an all over colour with box hair dye, even though there’s all kinds of reasons why you should absolutely not use a boxed dye on your hair.  

The much safer and effective way is to turn to your trusted hair stylist to guide you to your perfect hair colour. The thing about colouring your hair, is that you’re dealing with pretty intense chemicals that can seriously damage your hair. Just as you wouldn’t attempt a science experiment without at the very least consulting the instructions and having a trusted scientist by your side, you shouldn’t throw on some unknown chemicals into your hair and expect that it will turn out great.

Professional hair colour will also last you much longer, and turn out to be the colour you’re looking for more effectively every time. Box dye has less expensive chemicals, resulting in your hair colour fading quickly and easily. You can give your hair a rest by dying it less often, and using less harsh chemicals, by simply getting done professionally. You may also want to follow tips like these for helping your colour last as long as possible after your visit.    


Keeping your looks au naturel is another trend that seems to be sticking around. Women are tending to play up their natural beauty, which is an exciting movement for remembering how beautiful we are with or without makeup. Keeping your look natural includes wearing nude makeup, or perhaps just a quick coat of mascara and leaving your face fresh. Many women are embracing the no makeup trend altogether, and allowing their natural self to shine through.

Going natural also includes allowing the natural state of your hair to go free. For example, if you have frizzy, curly hair, to embrace it and use minimal products. For other types of hair, simply adding in some texturising spray or dry shampoo in between washes works to let your natural hair do its thing.

One way to brighten up your natural look is by investing in teeth whitening. Sparkling, pearly whites are an immediate way to make your smile more engaging and your face light up. Teeth whitening is easier than ever, as more people are moving to take care of their teeth and the market is expanding with products. Your options are to whiten your teeth at home with do it yourself concoctions or store bought products, or find a professional teeth whitening office, usually located in a dentist’s office. Be aware that whitening your teeth via a dentist will always give you the best results.

Environmentally friendly products

As a planet, we’re continuously discovering how chemicals, toxic waste, and rubbish is destroying our environment. Because of that, a global trend for being more environmentally friendly in countless ways is really picking up speed. Beauty products are starting to embrace this trend as well, and many consumers are looking to strictly buy only environmentally friendly products.

Besides do it yourself options where you concoct your own product from whole ingredients, many people are reaching for non toxic products as well. This trend will continue, especially as we become more and more conscious of treating our planet with respect.

By embracing at least a couple of these beauty trends, you’ll not only be ahead of the curve, but you’ll be investing in trends that will be here to stay for a long time. Besides saving money with things like laser hair removal and investing in higher quality hair styles and colour, you can also feel better about treating yourself, and the environment, with higher standards and less chemicals and toxic products.

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