Beauty Tips From The Inside Out

Taking care of your lips, eyes, complexion, cheeks or eyelids can help you show what you have inside. Retouching your lipstick and painting your eyelids; these beauty gestures reveal more about your personality than you could or would like to imagine in some cases. In this article, we give you beauty tips so you can show who you are inside.

Paint your lips red

A red lip is a symbol of femininity, sensuality and even sexuality. According to specialists, painting your lip in red reveals a confident and assumed woman, voluntarily drawing attention to her mouth. Historically, red lips were also associated with prostitutes. Fortunately, times have changed, and red now goes with passion and glamour. Show that you’re not bland with these war colours! For the best red, paint your lips with care, make sure to add lipstick every two hours, and sip through a straw so as not to ruin your work. 

Fake a natural mouth

You want to look discreet, yet perfectionist, try the “nude” lips. In other words, paint your lips, underline, hem, colour, all in shades that would almost pass for the real ones, and which will go unnoticed. Beware! “Nude” does not mean natural. To psychologists, “nude” lips would embody a discreet and rather conventional personality, uncomfortable with uncorrected naturalness. It translates a quest for perfection or a lack of confidence which pushes to soften a symbol of femininity, while hiding a naturalness perceived as imperfect. 

Leave your mouth natural

Natural lips = spontaneous personality; this is the most common association. We will not tell you if it is right, we will simply tell you that the absence of makeup on the mouth is a beauty gesture just like the expert pose of lipstick. Natural is not always easy to assume, but those who do give the impression of being comfortable with their body and their femininity, without trying to seduce or hide. 

Add kohl to your fire

When we say kohl, we include all the dark pencils and liners intended to draw the eyes of the Queen of Sheba. A contour which, if it makes the irises sparkle like a precious stone, can also turn into drama at the first tear or drop of rain… or worse, make the eyes appear smaller! As for its symbolism? The bewitching eye evokes Cleopatra, queen of seducers and woman of power. The kohl would therefore belong to strong and assumed personalities. In summary, go for kohl to invoke your ultra-feminine rebelliousness!

Shine on the eyelid

On the eyelid side, anything is possible, from the eight-color gradient to the simple iridescent shade. On the personality side, everything depends on the colour! In all cases, making up the eyelids is a beauty gesture that aims to highlight the look, more subtly than with a total contour. A light brown, beige or grey eyeshadow will indicate a discreet and reserved nature, with little taste for artifices. Coloured eyelids would reveal a curious and extroverted personality who likes to have fun!

Raise the tone

Your complexion tells everything about your personality. Those who know that fact spend twenty minutes each morning sculpting, erasing, melting and powdering to redraw their features and erase their imperfections. Inevitably, some will read a lack of naturalness as a race for perfection and a submission to societal expectations… In other words, a fake but polished beauty. This perception can sometimes be true, sometimes false. But as we know it’s only a perception and not a truth, choose your side, depending on who you want to impress.

Watch your tone

Allergies to foundation can reveal one thing and its opposite at the same time. A slightly imperfect but fresh and luminous complexion would reveal a spontaneous, natural personality, an independent woman who assumes and mocks the standards of beauty. Rather sympathetic, but only if not going into the opposite excess. A blurred, grey and poorly groomed complexion might evoke a neglected personality, or could just be someone who decides to spend their time elsewhere!

Blush a little

Colour your cheeks, what for? The blush symbolises seductive personalities, seeking to draw attention to their life force. How? By emphasising their good health and their sensuality, the red cheeks embody both the vitality of a trip in the open air and the breathless look of a goddess. We know we’re being a bit dramatic, but blush can definitely change your look for the better! To stay in the open air, we recommend the pink and apricot blushes. It’s a classic beauty gesture, and an easy one, so do not hesitate to blush a little.

Don’t go for a “full face”

The “full face” is a make-up combining perfect complexion, perfect look, perfect mouth and perfect blush. You think that is a bit too much and obsessive, and you’re probably right. Such practice is not so common (unless you want to spend two hours a day prepping up). Such a desire for perfection with yourself could shows that you have a superficial personality, so you should perhaps calm down on the make-up if this rings true to you! 

Don’t go for the “no make up” either

On the one hand, the full face, on the other, the no make-up… On the last extreme, those with makeup allergies show an assertive personality and a minimum degree of self-confidence. Keep in mind that the absence of makeup can either embody serenity and absolute spontaneity, an unattractive carelessness… or even a simple lack of time! 

Make-up is not everything

Of course, we mostly talked about make-up, but everything matters when it comes to showcase your personality. An intensive hair repair treatment can help you present yourself as a confident person with beautiful and strong hair. An eyebrow tattoo shows how confident and strong you are. Even modern false teeth, on the contrary, can help you hide that you are too lazy to brush your teeth every day! All these small beauty things can help you show your inside out.

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