Are You Ready For Your School Ball?

If it’s nearly school ball time then you need to make sure that you are nice and prepared. There’s a lot to organise and get ready and we are here to help you. Follow our advice to make sure that are you don’t forget anything and you’re all set for your big day.

Your Dress

The first thing that you need to think about is what you are wearing. You need to think about what style of dress you would like and you’d need to consider this a good few weeks in advance. If you need some ideas then head online and see if you can find something that suits you. Consider what style you like – do you like modern, classic or romantic? What’s important is that you find the dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. It is worth getting your dress nice and early in case you need any alterations. If you’re on a budget then try some charity shops and see if you can pick up a bargain. If you’re in the mood for splashing out then look and see what designer dresses are available. If you have a date for your ball then you also need to make sure that you are coordinated.

Your Shoes

The next aspect that you need to consider is your shoes. Ideally you need to pick some shoes that match your dress. If this is proving difficult then you could go for black or a nude colour. Take your dress with you when you go shoe shopping so that you can try the two together. As well as purchasing your heels for your dress, it may be worth considering purchasing some flat shoes which you can kept in your bag in case your feet start to ache. In order to prevent your heels hurting your feet, wear them around the house as well as outside in the garden so that you can break them in and make them as comfortable as possible before your school ball.

Your Hair

You can either get your hair done by your hairdresser or if you prefer you could do it yourself. If you decide to go to a hairdresser then remember to take pictures of any hairstyles that you like so that your hairdresser can try them out in your hair to see if you like them. There are so many different school ball hairstyles that would be perfect for your special occasion. Go on YouTube and look for tutorials that you could use to practice a hairstyle that you may like but may not be able to do yourself, or take a look at these classic hairstyles for inspiration.

Your Accessories

The final part of your outfit is your accessories, which complete your look. You need to try and pick accessories that enhance how you look but don’t overshadow what you are wearing. If you really struggle to find accessories that work with your style then you could always get creative and design and make your own. Another aspect that you need to consider is a shrug or something similar to cover your shoulders for when the outside temperature drops. Finally, you will need to pick a handbag or a clutch that suits your outfit. Make sure that you chose one that can hold all of the items that you will be taking with you.

Any Appointments

If you decide that you are going to get your hair, nails, or makeup done then you need to make sure that you’ve booked your appointments nice and early. The same applies if you plan to visit your dentist for whitening teeth or a polish. Try and make an appointment for your hair and make-up on the day of the school prom. As for your nails, you can make that appointment a couple of days or the day before the school ball.

Your Makeup

If you decide to do your own makeup then you need to get some practice in! Decide what look you are going for and then you can start practising. You need to pick a look that suits your style and outfit – either classic or more vibrant. Again, go online and search for make-up tutorial videos and see if you can find a look that you like. Some possible ideas could be smokey eyes for a sultry look, contouring your face if you want to define your features or a bright lipstick if you want your lips to be the feature on your face that stands out.

The Night Before

To look and feel your best on the day of the school ball you need to make sure that you are do the following the night before:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Do some exercise
  • Eat healthily
  • Drink plenty of water

It’s also worth getting your bag ready the night before so that you don’t forget anything. Pack your bag with essentials such as hairspray, pins, perfume, lipstick, keys and your purse.

The Day of Your School Ball

Wake up at a good time so that you can get prepared in time. These are the things that you need to remember to do:

  • Have a facial to revitalise your skin.
  • Shave your legs, armpits etc
  • Exfoliate your skin. Use a scrub to help.
  • Make your feet feel soft and smooth by using a pumice stone on them.
  • Add a top coat to your nails to make sure that they don’t get chipped.
  • Finish off by moisturising your skin so that you feel nice and soft.

Relax and Have Fun!

So, it’s finally arrived, you are ready to go to your school ball! It’s now time to relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all go to plan as its probably those little things that you will look back at and laugh about in years to come.

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