A Guide To Summer Holiday Beauty Preparation

We’ve all experienced those few weeks leading up to summer holidays when you realise you’re totally unprepared and aren’t ready for the summer at all. A mad rush to try and get in shape, remove unwanted hair, and get those beachy highlights in your hair either ends in failure because it’s much too late, or extremely expensive because you waited until the last minute.

The stress of getting ready for summer can sometimes bleed into the actual summer holiday, which shortens your ability to actually enjoy it. Avoid this rush and be prepared for your summer holiday, whether you’re going away or not, by using this guide to help you.

Hair removal  

If you are someone who likes to remain mostly hair free, then there’s nothing worse than going to put on the bikini for a beach day and realising you’ve forgotten to shave. Regular shavers know how frustrating it is to shave, and then have to repeat it at least once a week. The time, effort, and expense of buying shaving cream and razors is definitely not worth it when you compare it with longer term options.

For example, getting a wax will cost you a decent chunk of money, but it’s going to last 3-4 times as long as your shaving job will, or even longer depending on how fast your hair grows. An even better option is going to get IPL laser hair removal. Again, despite the high upfront cost, it makes sense in the long run. Think about the time you spend shaving in the shower each week, and multiply that times the rest of your life that you’ll want to shave. Add in the cost of the shaving materials, and you’ll most likely see it’s worth it.   

Spray tan

We all know by now that tanning is bad for your skin and potentially dangerous, leading to skin cancer in some cases. People still tan regularly though, because of that bronzed skin look they want so badly. Self tanners and spray tans have improved significantly over the years, however, and is becoming an extremely viable option to the old tanning booth or laying on the beach for hours.

Some of the main benefits of spray tanning is obviously avoiding dangerous UV rays, but also gaining a more even glow to your skin than traditional tanning. You don’t have to worry about the awkward tan lines that you get from your togs or strappy top, and you’ll have an even colour across your body.

Summer hair

Your hair will be exposed to sun, sweat and salt this summer, which all take quite the toll on your hair. Make sure that you’re visiting a hair salon before the summer begins, like this hairdresser in Hamilton. A good hairdresser will get your ends healthy and recommend the best products for your type of hair this summer.

Remember that with sun, salt and humidity, your hair will potentially be more frizzy and unmanageable than normal. This means that you’ll need some serious products to help you combat the difficult summer hair. Try some of these products for dealing with frizzy hair to start.  


One of the biggest issues with summer holidays is the lack of options by the time you actually think about needing a swimsuit. If you wait to buy, and buy too late, you’ll be risking not being able to find your perfect size. Even if it seems way too early and all around ridiculous to buy a swimsuit in the middle of winter, it’s definitely your best bet for finding not only your size but also the style you prefer.


If you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, hydration is really important for you. Heatstroke is a dangerous effect of being dehydrated on a hot summer day, so make sure that your water intake is higher than normal. Beyond drinking water, it’s also important to keep your skin and hair hydrated as well. Spending lots of time in the saltwater of the ocean can actually dehydrate your skin, so make sure you’re taking the time to exfoliate often and moisturise after a beach day.

Feet Care

Now that you’re showing off your feet in sandals all day long, treat them to a pedicure, or some self care. Exfoliate and remove dead skin often to keep that softness to your skin. Walking around on the beach all day or going barefoot around your home can add some callouses to your feet and general dryness. If you stay on top of them with regular pedicures, you can keep your feet soft and happy all summer.

Your smile

Summer holidays, whether you go away or not, means lots of pictures. Your smile will most likely be featured in these pictures, so you want it looking bright and white. No matter how far along in summer it is, teeth whitening is always an option that will help your smile get brighter right away. Professional teeth whitening like this one in Hamilton, NZ, will be an investment that lasts all summer and will brighten every photo.

You can also try some of your own do it yourself options, like these ones. These options are good if you’re looking for something quickly and cheaply, but be aware that professional teeth whitening will always be the most effective and longest lasting.  

With a few basic preparations, and trying to stay on top of summer damage to your skin and hair throughout the season, you’ll be shining and beautiful, inside and out. Remember that regardless of how prepared you are, however, the best thing about summer is spending time in the sun, with your family and friends, and that is the most beautiful thing of all.  


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