Wedding Preparation – Head To Toe Guide

We’ve all read those articles that are meant to prepare the bride for her day, from last minute preparations to the worst case scenarios, to even what we should be eating during the day to keep our nerves down and our stomachs happy. But what about us, specifically? As in, what about our body on the big day?

When you’re trying to make a comprehensive list of everything that you need, for anything, it’s best to start from top to bottom. That’s why we’ve created this guide of your body’s ultimate wedding preparation, from head to toe! We’ll start at the top and make our way down to help you make sure you didn’t forget that pedicure or last minute eyelash extensions.


Your hairstyle for your wedding is right up there with being as important as your dress. It’s what people see after the initial gawking at your gorgeous dress and beautiful makeup. It’s what will be featured in your wedding photos, especially those lovely closeups. It’s also what keeps your hair out of the way when smashing cake into your new husband’s face, or when tearing it up on the dance floor. This means that finding the right hairstyle for you, along with preparing for the hairstyle, is really, really important!  

If you typically dye your hair on a regular basis, or if you haven’t done it in a while and your old roots are showing, you will want to consider how to proceed at least a few months out from the wedding. If you’re simply going to retouch your old colour, try and aim for doing this about two weeks in advance of your wedding day. That way, the colour will still have that “just done” gloss, but hasn’t grown out at all to show your roots again.  

For your actual hairstyle, make sure you’re working with your chosen stylist in advance. For example, book your initial appointment for a test run with the experts in hairstyles for weddings in Hamilton. Keep your hair dirty for at least 24 hours before the test run, and your big day to make sure your style holds well. Take your time when initially looking for a hair stylist, and get some reviews and look through their portfolio to get a really good idea of what you are getting into.  


If you’re planning on doing any facial treatments like a sun spot treatment or a facial peel, the best bet is to try them out a few months before the wedding first. Some skin is more sensitive than others, and you never know how your face will react. Treat yourself to your chosen spa treatment in the middle of your planning stages to test run the treatment.


Besides your dress and your hair and makeup, your teeth are also going to share the spotlight in your photos. Having teeth that sparkle will make all the difference in your photos and help you feel more confident in showing your happiness. Getting your teeth professionally whitened will be the most effective and quickest way to a whiter smile, but you can also try some of the do it yourself options that have been tested to be effective and safe.

Obviously, if you’re considering some major dental work, such as dental surgery in Hamilton, NZ, you’ll need to plan this out well ahead of time. Swelling and stitches, if applicable, can take at least a few weeks to heal, so plan accordingly.


If you’re someone who prefers to shave your unwanted hair, there’s nothing worse than going to put on a dress for an evening out, and realising you haven’t shaved your legs or anything else applicable. If you’re someone who doesn’t typically shave, then feel free to skip ahead to the next section!  

Make it a lot easier on yourself by simply getting a wax to remove any unwanted hair all over your body, about 3-4 days out from your wedding day. That means you won’t have to think about it the few days leading up to your wedding, and will have those few extra minutes that you’d normally spend shaving to divert to something more important!

If you’re concerned with any tan lines, or just with getting a bit of a glow prior to getting your photo taken a million times, consider a spray tan. Again, the best way to go about this is to get a spray tan a few months out to test how it will look on your skin in person and in photos. Spray tans can help even out any crazy tan lines that you have that will be visible while you’re wearing your wedding dress.


Even if you aren’t someone who typically gets their nails done, it’s can still be an enjoyable and relaxing experience you might want to consider, approximately a week out from your wedding. Nail salons can leave your nails quite short if that’s how you prefer it, and just give you a light gloss and clean up your cuticles to make them look fresh. A pedicure is also one of those delightful experiences that again, even if you don’t want a fancy polish on your toenails, could still be a relaxing afternoon for you and your friends.


Finding the right pair of shoes for your wedding should include finding something that’s actually comfortable enough to wear all night. Even if you’re only planning on wearing them for the ceremony and pictures, and you have something more dance-appropriate to wear later, you absolutely, without a doubt, want to break them in before the day.

Again, even if you’re only wearing them for a couple of hours, that time can be extremely painful if they haven’t been broken in to your feet. Spend a few hours, at least, wearing them around the house and making sure that they aren’t extremely painful or difficult to wear.

Hopefully this has helped to prepare you from head to toe and taken a little bit of stress off of you for the wedding. Enjoying the day is your main priority, so by preparing some of these things ahead of time, you’ll be setting yourself up to have the most wonderful day!


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