Top Beauty Tricks Every Woman Needs To Know

You know those tutorials that show you how to do a quick and easy winged eyeliner, or a contour, or a fancy updo, and they look absolutely perfect and effortless with barely any pain involved? Then, when you try it, you fail so miserably that you refuse to do anything out of the norm in your routine for months and months at a time?

While we unfortunately can’t help you have a steadier hand to apply eyeliner, or tutor you personally in hair styling, there are a few really easy tricks that you can do yourself, or have done at a reasonable price, that can change up your beauty routine for the better. We’ve listed a few tricks for a few different areas of your body that are simple and don’t compromise your natural beauty that we all have.

Your hair

What does having “good hair”, even mean? As women, we’ve been bombarded with constant mixed messaging of, straight hair, curly, beach waves, smooth, and on and on and on. There’s a reason why women with straight hair want curly hair, and women with beautiful natural curls would give anything to have straight hair. We aren’t satisfied with what we have, because we’ve been told that what we have isn’t right.

So, how on earth do we move past what we think good hair is, and embrace our own hair when we aren’t really that excited about it? What is our number one tip? Find a hair salon and stylist who can bring out the best in your hair. For those of us with “boring” straight, long hair, find a stylist who can make that gorgeous mane shiny and healthy looking with a great hair cut. For tight, frizzy curls, work with a stylist who knows how to treat curls to keep them healthy and bouncy.

The main point here is, find a stylist who is great at keeping your hair healthy and natural. Beyond that, finding a stylist you can trust and go to time after time is infinitely easier than hopping around salons, risking the inevitable bad cut or colour at some point.

Your smile

Your smile can easily be your best feature if you let it. Think about the times you’ve had a bad day and someone smiles warmly at you. It can oddly cheer you up, can’t it? Smiles are the easiest way to brighten our face and our day, as cheesy as that sounds, so why not be proud of your smile?

There’s a few ways to make our smile as beautiful as possible. First, having sparkling white teeth is always a plus. Getting teeth whitening isn’t nearly as expensive as it used to be. However, if you’re looking to save some money, take a look at the best products on the market right now to whiten your teeth at home. You could also try making a teeth whitener yourself from everyday products at home, which will really save you some cash.

To keep your teeth clean and white after you’ve gone to all the work to whiten your teeth, make sure that you’re brushing regularly after eating and drinking, especially after things that stain easy like wine or coffee. Take a look at these other tips for keeping your teeth stain free for more advice.

Your skin

Beautiful, natural, makeup free skin is outrageously gorgeous on every woman. The problem is, many of us struggle with blemishes, oily or dry skin, sun spots, along with a million other skin issues. Just because we don’t have perfect skin, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t go makeup free. In fact, oftentimes makeup is the culprit for some of our skin issues.

Some things that you can do right now to clear up some major blemishes is to make sure you’re eating lots of fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking lots of water. Taking care of your skin is a lot like taking care of the rest of your body, and treating your body right will in turn help clear up your skin.

Sometimes we have skin problems that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of without professional help. Don’t be afraid to seek it out and get a professional skin treatment to help with some of those pigment and sun damage spots, or help clear up those acne scar patches. If you’ve never been able to walk straight out of the house without wearing foundation, it’s definitely time to get some help and get you feeling confident in your natural skin.

For those of us with the occasional troublesome skin issue, there’s a lot of easy options to care for and treat the stray acne spot. For one, finding the right product for your skin is absolutely key. Part of the problem with skin issues is that the relentless stream of new products on the market and in stores is incredibly overwhelming. We might go through several products at minimum just looking for one that plays nice with our type of skin. Maybe we finally find one that we like and doesn’t seem to irritate the skin, but doesn’t actually fix anything.

Because of this, it’s highly recommended to go back to the basics with your skin. What we mean by that is to use natural, real ingredients you can buy yourself to treat your skin. The problem with many store purchased products is the amount of unknown chemicals in them. By using ingredients that you know are whole on your skin, you’re reducing the amount of random chemicals that you’re exposing your skin to. Besides that, natural ingredients are cheaper, and easy to use for multiple purposes. If you need some help getting started on your first natural face treatments, click here for some ideas.

You might be seeing a pattern here, which is taking pride in our own natural beauty as women! While it’s not easy for many of us, taking some of these baby steps to embracing natural beauty is the first big step towards feeling confident about our bodies. Go forth, and be confident in your gorgeous self!

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