Top 5 Indoor Sports To Play In The Winter

“I can’t work out, it’s too cold outside”, sounds familiar? If you’ve used cold as an excuse to avoid any form of exercise, it’s time to find a new excuse. There are several sports that can be played indoors without having to brave the cold. Any form of workout is good for you. It gets the endorphins rushing and gives you a happy high along with a host of other benefits. We’ve listed 5 indoor sports to indulge in during winter. Let’s get you thinking beyond ice-skating and ice-hockey. These will keep you in good shape – physically and mentally; and the best part is, you can enjoy them all year round!


Squash is a ball sport which can be played with multiple players or solo, in a four-walled room with a small hollow ball. The players have to alternately hit the ball with their rackets in the playable surfaces of the room. Squash is a high-intensity sport and will have you breaking a sweat in no time. Since it’s played inside a room, outside temperature has zero influence on your performance. One of the best things about Squash is that it can be played solo, without having to hunt for a partner every time you wish to play. It’s important to warm up before you start the session and cool down after. Pay close attention to the sport court flooring as a slippery surface can cause serious injury. Get the right shoes and sports attire so as to not hinder movement and to maximise the workout. Also surfing the net to get some squash tips can be beneficial in making the most out of this amazing indoor sport.


Another popular sport in Australia and New Zealand is Netball. The game is played between two teams of seven players each. The game is conducted on a rectangular court with raised baskets as goals. Both teams have to score goals in the opponent’s baskets by passing the ball between players. This is another high-intensity workout and a great way to build your skills for teamwork. It also a fun sport that can be enjoyed with friends or family and is perfect for a little downtime. Get the right netball equipment and tips and you are good to go.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to get the muscle moving. This sport is physically demanding and will shape your upper body strength in no time. If you are a newbie or are afraid of heights, you could try Bouldering, which is climbing lower heights without the harness over safety mats. Rock climbing comes with a host of benefits. It is less monotonous than the balls games and can be a lot of fun. Don’t expect to be great at it on the first go, you will need the practice to develop better coordination and ascents.

Table- Tennis

If you prefer indoors and would like to workout from the comfort of your home, the best way to get the heart-kicking is by setting a ping-pong table in your garage or guest room. It’s one game the whole family can enjoy, kids love this one. The rules are simple, the game takes place over a rectangular table with a net in the middle of the table. The net separates the two sides. The game can be played between two (singles) or four (doubles) players. The rules are simple, barring the initial serve the players must let the ball served towards them to bounce one-time on their side and one time on the return, failing to do so, gives the opposite team a point, besides these the basic rules of TT(table-tennis) are listed here. don’t let the ease of playing fool you, it is a great workout to get those calories burning.


Why limit swimming to only summer. Your favourite lake maybe out of bounds in the winter, but the indoor pool at the local club isn’t. Swimming is a popular choice of sport due to its accessibility. Indoor public pools are available almost everywhere irrespective of where you live. It’s either free to use or can be used at a small price. Swimming is a total body workout and is great to tone the muscles. Most sports centres are equipped to provide swimming lessons. Some also offer aqua fitness classes and lifesaving training course. It’s once again a family favourite. Benefits of swimming are several, and it’s a fun workout, which keeps monotony at bay. Getting the right swimming attire is a must to leverage easy movement and to protect your skin and hair from the chlorine in the water.

These are our top 5 choices, but sports and fitness go beyond these. You can try Badminton, Snooker, Dodge Ball, Bowling, Volley Ball and Boxing amongst other. Anything that gets your heart racing and keeps you motivated. Winter months can take a toll on your energy levels, with you feeling sluggish in general and putting on winter weight. However, these indoor sports can be a good starting point to get into a routine for a healthy workout.

Remember, before you take on any type of sporting activity, it is essential to train for it to avoid muscle pulls and injuries. You can get basic coaching at the local clubhouse or learn some easy moves through online tutorials. For more risky activities such as boxing, rock-climbing, swimming, it is always advised to get professional help. If you are a beginner, try starting with a low-intensity sport such as table-tennis or bouldering. As you advance over a period of time, you can move on to high-intensity sports such as Squash, Badminton, Rock Climbing etc.

We hope this list has given you an idea or two to stay fight in the colder months and develop a winter workout routine you enjoy.

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