The Headband Is Back! Here Are The Best Ones And How To Wear Them

Headbands have been worn for decades, celebrated in some style gurus and loathed in the others. It has donned various hats over the ages – from pinup doll favourites to school uniform staples to sports essentials! All these forms display the versatility of the accessory and just how unique it is in the manner of which one person wears it to another. It is a bold trend and many approach it with caution, never quite embracing it to its full potential. Today we ask you to throw caution to the wind and get with this trend head-on, no pun intended.

The first call of order is to take care of your mane; it is the steady foundation that any hairstyle would need. Go in for routine scalp care in salons to maintain the health of your hair and to avoid breakage.

The headbands of our childhood have taken on a new edge thanks to their reinvention on the runway 2017 onwards. Many designers such as Chanel and Elie Saab did their own spin on the classic. 2018 and 2019 also saw the return of the headband in some quirky avatars. But the best inspiration is to be found on the streets, where rules are bent and trends are what we make them. Here’s how all the cool kids are sporting it.


Gone are the days when these stretchy bands were demurely tucked behind the ears, almost merging in with the tresses. This season, it’s all about letting them shine through and making an appearance. Models all over the catwalk are wearing them just where the hairline starts and over the ears! Here’s a prime example.


Gossip Girl fans, there is much to rejoice. Blair’s favourites – bow headbands are just as in today as they were when the show ended back in 2012. The dainty bow headband goes well with flowy feminine silhouettes. Look at Blair for some inspo.


Anyone who grew up in the 90s will instantly recognise this trend! The ‘Tooth-Comb Headbands’, these were the rage. Made popular by MTV music videos and American Tele, these were seen on every other teenager. The headband has now given up its adolescence ways and embraced adulthood while staying true to its rebellious side.  Now worn over a sleek bun, this style spells all kinds of class.


Let’s move the focus from Blair to Serena. The silk scarf worn as a headband as seen in this picture is all kinds of hair goals. The trick is to make it look as effortless as possible. Messy hairdo with a classic scarf thrown in makes for the perfect contrast. It looks especially great on retro outfits.


The bandana has made a transition from rocker – chick to chic this season. Who says it needs to be wrapped around the head, this season, it is being wrapped around loose beachy ponytails, and the outcome is just as amazing. Here’s proof.


Nothing spells romance as flowers do. The epitome of love has taken their place on dainty headbands this season. Add it to any delicate outfit to elevate the entire look. It’s especially great for the upcoming wedding season.


It has left the confines of a rave and has taken over the roads, these come in all prints and patterns. Nothing like a pop of colour to brighten up any plain Jane outfit. You can pair this with pretty much anything; it all lies in the print and the material you pick. A rich satiny material with delicate prints will go well with minimal, polished outfits. On the other hand, quirky and loud prints are great to jazz up the usual shorts and tee combo. It isn’t a hard and fast rule; play with the prints and the colour. It’s all about having fun with it!


Let’s be honest, almost every decade has its share of bling, and this decade is no different. Bejewelled pieces continue to be in trend this season as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘more is more’ or ‘less is more’ kinda person. This trend works no matter how you decide to wear it. Pick pieces that are unique and have a character. Oversized studs in jewel tones are really in, and they look absolutely stunning.


These are slim, ribbon style headbands that lend a delicate, yet refined touch to any outfit. It even works well in a formal setting, such as an office or a client meeting. It is playful enough to not be dull and muted enough to not be in your face. The key is to keep the look simple and minimalistic and let this one piece of accessory take the centre stage.


This one is a classic, and we think will remain so. The classic middle parting with a headband placed in the centre works for almost any type of outfit and on any type of hair. It’s a simple, hassle-free hairdo one can whip up for when you want it to look like you’ve put in some effort, but really haven’t.


Another way to wear this accessory is to wear it with your hair tied up into a super high ponytail or a super low bun. Both looks are killer and hip. The high pony is great for a day of running errands or even for a quick workout session. The low bun looks equally amazing and goes well with sporty looks. Either way, remember to pick a stunning colour that ties the whole look together.

There are a hundred ways you can wear a headband or more, and now that we’ve picked a few of our favourites, and shared tips on how to wear them, it’s time for you to go run with it!

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