How To Keep Your Man Looking Good

Dear women, we are sure this question has popped into your head more than once, and yes there is a way to keep your man well groomed without him being grouchy. Most guys, in early 70’s and 80’s neglected grooming and deemed it as a sign of being macho and during the flower-power movement a sign of rebellion, however, the trend has changed for good. Today, the men are more invested in their appearance and demeanour. We even have a term for it, ‘The Metrosexual Man’. We have seen a rise in products catering to men in the last two decades, and By 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 29.14 billion U.S. dollars as per the statista report.

Here’s a list of steps to get your man looking better than ever:

Invest in a skin-care regime

Set up an appointment with a dermatologist or refer to the numerous blogs catering to men’s lifestyle segment; and narrow down on a skin-care regime for him. If your man is the basic kind, a simple cleansing – toning – moisturising routine should work fine. Most men spent a substantial amount of time outdoors; applying sunscreen is a must in these conditions. You can search for a dermatologist or follow one of these top youtube vloggers.

Facial Hair Grooming

Let’s admit it, a well-maintained beard is sexy, and a poorly maintained one is for the stone-age. Though men love their beard or moustaches and stubble, most of them fail to give it the attention it requires. Just growing a beard isn’t enough, a proper regime is needed to take care of it; and thankfully due to the boom in the lifestyle and beauty sector of men, there are numerous products catering to this need. Let’s start with the basics, regular trimming is important as it prevents split ends. Just like their mane, it is important to hydrate and moisturize one’s beard and establish a night-time routine to take care of one’s beard or moustache with moisturizing beard creams or deep conditioning treatment. Encourage them to comb their beard and moustache, so that it in the grows in the direction they want it to, they need to do this at least 3 times a week. Lastly get them to invest in a good SLS free, organic shampoo for their beard and moustache to get rid of the day’s grime. Men’s Health has listed down best products for facial hair grooming

Modern Hairstyles for Men

Pay as much attention to his mane as you do to the man. A well groomed mane maketh a man. Help him find a good hairstylist and get a haircut that compliments his personality and lifestyle. Invest in good hair-care products and device a hair routine for him to follow. Make sure the routine isn’t too tedious to follow on a daily basis. To make this a little easy here’s 31’s hairstyles for men to choose from. And far as hair-care routine goes here’s a video that takes you through it step by step and we also have a list of top hair-care products

Personal Hygiene & Dental Care

Nothing is a better turn off than poor personal and dental hygiene. Get your man to invest in a good non -comedogenic deodorant. Clip his finger and toenails regularly. Same goes for the ear and nasal hair. When it comes to dental hygiene an easy way to maintain it is by getting porcelain veneers.  Here’s some more information about veneers, but as an overview, they fix chipped, discoloured, uneven, gapped teeth. If your teeth are in good shape, you can go in for teeth whitening either at a reputed dental clinic or via DIY methods at home.

Fashion Statement

The common mistake women make is to dress their guy as per their personality, which leads to resistance. It is important to take into account the kind of clothes your man prefers and to slowly build it from there. Get the fit right, loose baggy clothes belong in a bag at the bottom of a rubbish bin. Get him well-fitted essentials such as trousers, shirts, slim or straight cut denims and forgo the over-sized T-shirts for well-fitted ones. Once you have the basics sorted, get into the details. What makes or breaks an outfit are the accessories. Invest in trendy pocket squares, cufflinks, slim cut ties, bows, belts, watched and shoes. These are the basics that can go with any outfit. If he is willing to go bolder, help him pick accessories such as bracelets, earrings, chains etc. When it comes to shoes, keep a clear distinction between casual and formal wear. While sneakers to work over a T-shirt and blazer does fly, the same for a formal sit down dinner is a no-no.

Healthy Diet

Well, beauty goes skin deep; now that you’ve contained the outward appearance, time to look inwards. Start him on a healthy diet. Encourage him to take on some form of exercise. It can be a sport he loves doing rather than going for the boring gym routine. There is so much to choose from – Rock climbing, football, kick boxing, swimming etc. Help him meditate for mental health and take smaller vacations to manage the fatigue. This will ensure he is at his best shape inside out.  

And lastly,

Let Him Do The Work

Now that the habits are inculcated, let the man be and do his own thing. Overlook occasional slips in the routine, be supportive and encouraging throughout but avoid hand holding and nagging. Trust them enough to form their routine as you have yours. Help them pick the right essentials as there is a high chance you speak cosmetics better than them. You could go about your night routine or your time outdoors together to support one another so that both of you stick to the regime. This may sound tedious, but remember over time the results will start to show and the fruits of labour shall be reaped.

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