To the fashion and beauty challenged: here is what you need to know

Are you that person who doesn’t wear makeup? Maybe you’ve never gotten your hair professionally coloured at a hair salon? Did you wear your older sister’s clothes growing up, and never really shopped for yourself? If you’re this person, congratulations! You hopefully haven’t succumbed to the world of not being good enough, not pretty enough, or not wearing the right fashion for this season.

The reality of being in this world means constantly looking for the next thing to perfect our skin, or the next stylish dress that shows off the right curves. It is an exhausting world to live in, and to be totally honest, many women wish they could find a way to stop caring about beauty or fashion altogether.

But unfortunately most of us feel like we need or want to give in to the pressure society puts on us. So how do we, as strong women, find a way to feel beautiful, attractive, and fashionable, without feeling like we have to give in to social pressures?

While we’d never be able to pretend that we have the best answer to that question, here are the few things learned over the years that seem to stand the test of time, and help us stay as true to ourselves as possible.

It’s on trend to be confident in your natural beauty

Painting ourselves up in crazy and dramatic ways has been in and out of style for centuries. The 17th and 18th century fashion styles were all about towering hair with intense adornments and heavy, often dangerous makeup to paint the face white and rouge.

As the 20th century dawned, makeup and fashion changed so dramatically that each decade could have a full book dedicated to the styles. It really wasn’t until the last half of the century that going makeup free was actually celebrated, rather than looked down upon or seen as proof of being a lower class.

While wearing makeup doesn’t actually kill us any more, like it had the potential to do a couple of hundred years ago, it’s still used to cover up what we deem imperfect. Many of us have thought that by covering up our flaws, we could be more confident in ourselves. By physically covering up who we are, we mentally beat ourselves up by saying we aren’t good enough.

Try and resist the societal pressure to cover up your imperfections, because the real you is by far the most beautiful version of yourself. Sometimes this can be really hard, especially if you’re burdened with skin issues or if going bare makes you feel less confident. Part of being comfortable in your own skin is knowing that your skin is healthy and looked after. Sometimes the subtlest changes can really enhance how you look and feel.  Perhaps try some skin treatments to help your skin be naturally more radiant. A smile is one of our best assets in natural beauty as well as our skin, so you might consider something like teeth whitening to enhance your own beautiful asset.  

Wear what makes you happy

Fashion trends change, repeat and circulate faster than most of us can keep up with. Sometimes fashion is even harder to keep up with than makeup or hair trends, because new fashion styles come out every season, filling up our headspace with commercials and runways and magazine advertisements with what you should be wearing this season.

But you know when you see someone wearing something really different and totally something you’d never, ever wear, but you can’t believe how good it looks on them? Think about why it looks so great; it’s not necessarily because you like the outfit, it’s that they’re confident and happy in what they’re wearing. This is a huge secret to your own personal fashion, which is to try and only wear things that make you feel happy, regardless of whether or not it’s in style right now.  Be your unique self and own your look- you will be fabulous.

Accept compliments, they are true

Why is it so hard to accept a compliment? If you’re anything like me, you’ve conditioned yourself to brush off compliments about how you look. Maybe you think that the person complimenting you is lying or has an ulterior motive for the compliment. Or maybe you just can’t possibly believe their compliment, and you think you aren’t worthy of it. Either way, this is a big problem.

Try to learn to not only accept the compliments you receive, but start to believe them as well. You can start this by learning to compliment yourself first. You’ve probably heard that saying, the one that goes something like, we are our own worst critic? The things that our internal voice says to ourselves is oftentimes appalling, and very rarely true. They’re also criticisms you would never dream of saying to a friend or family member, so why keep saying them to yourself? Compliment yourself regularly and do your best to accept compliments, and let your beauty shine.  

Wear clothes that fit 

Too often, when we aren’t confident in our bodies, we try and hide it. Just like how some of us try to hide a blemished face with a whole bunch of makeup, others wear baggy clothing or ill fitting clothing to cover up a body we feel we need to be ashamed of.

In all reality, clothes that don’t fit us can make us even less confident in ourselves. Perfect fitting clothes can make all the difference in your body confidence. Use a guide like this one to start buying clothes that fit you, not the body you wish you could have.

There you have it – the comprehensive beauty and fashion list for the modern woman! Well, okay, so it’s not entirely comprehensive and certainly not tangible things that you can take shopping with you. But, hopefully this article makes it just a little bit easier to resist what you feel pressured to wear and the makeup you use or don’t use. Remember that when it comes down to it, being and loving who you are is what matters the most. It’s also what is most appealing to others. So own your style and be the you-est you that there is!

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