Easy Steps To Get Yourself Looking Summer Ready

If you’re struggling with wondering how on earth you’re going to be able to show skin in public this summer, or calm the crazy hair, or even just feel comfortable in your bikini, we’re here to help.

We aren’t here to tell you that you need to be perfect to be in that bikini, or have instant beach waves as soon as you step foot on the sand, but we’ve put together a few easy steps to get yourself looking summer ready, without breaking the bank and still feeling natural and comfortable no matter what you look like.


  1. Exfoliate

We can’t stress this one enough! Your skin needs exfoliation to help it get rid of dead skin cells that love to sit right on top of your skin. These skin cells will build up and eventually lead to clogged pores and blemishes down the road. Summer takes a toll on your skin with the extra sun exposure and heat and or/sweat, so stay on top of it by keeping your skin exfoliated about once a week. Use this guide for exfoliating expertly.  

  1. Hydrate

Just as important as exfoliating is hydration. We know that winter is typically the time that most people think about hydrating their skin, but summer can be even more important. Every time you go for a swim in the sea, or spend hours out in the sun, you’re actually taking moisture away from your skin. Think about a wet towel that lies out in the sun for a while. It gets dry, right? Same with your skin. Moisturise and hydrate to the max, friends!

  1. Update your products

Women have been told this forever, but it’s totally true and important. You actually need to throw out that old, crusty makeup, and clean off those makeup brushes, and often. These old products can build up bacteria over time, causing some unpleasant issues with your skin and eyes. Use this guide as a starting point for cleaning your brushes.

  1. Professional care

Nothing beats a professional when it comes to skin care. Get yourself over to a spray tan booth to get that glow for the summer, and maybe splurge on a facial before hand to really clear up your skin first. It’s a good idea to go to a professional at the beginning of the season to clear up any issues leftover from the winter before you head into warmer weather.


We all crave those beachy perfect waves that effortlessly frame our faces with golden highlights. But, that hair isn’t everything, and we can all find ways to make our hair stand out this summer without that beachy ideal, and in any hair style and any hair colour.

  1. Find a hairstylist you trust

This is it, this is the summer you find someone that you trust to do anything to your hair. No matter if you’re going for haircuts in Hamilton or a serious change to your colour, a trusted hairstylist will completely change your hair life.

  1. Do something different

Be bold this summer, because you only live once, right? Why not get those crazy purple highlights, if your workplace allows it? Why not chop it short and see what happens? Hair is hair and it always grows back, and if you’ve got the right stylist who knows how to make it happen and still look good on you, you’re golden.


Let’s be honest, getting fit last minute right before summer never actually works, does it? Of course not. You can’t just drop a whole bunch of weight and get those abs without some serious commitment. Instead of rapidly trying to create that beach body, use this summer to actually work on changing your habits and lifestyle.

  1. Find a class that you enjoy

This tip is vital for actually staying in shape this summer. If you find something you enjoy to do, you’re much, much more likely to keep up with it. Try all kinds of classes to really get a feel for what you enjoy. Call up local gyms and boutique fitness clubs to ask if they’ll give you a free pass to try it out. Some gyms might even give you a whole week to try out multiple types of classes.

  1. Get enough sleep

Summer is notorious for staying out too late, maybe drinking or watching the stars come out at the beach. The problem with this, is that the next day when you remember you have to work, you’ll be exhausted. More and more research continues to show us how important sleep is for our bodies. Not just for our mental exhaustion, sleep will also help with muscle recovery and repair, as well as memory and mood. Try some of these tips for sleeping better if you need help.   

Overall body

Taking care of yourself overall is really important this summer. The season never lasts very long, especially the best summers, so make sure that you’re healthy for it as much as possible.

Another thing to think about is to visit your local dentist, like this Hamilton dentist. Not only will they make sure your gums and mouth are healthy for the season, but they can help clean up your teeth for a brighter smile. If you’re looking to really whiten up those chompers and flash a beautiful smile at your pool parties and BBQ’s, visiting your dentist is a perfect time to add on professional teeth whitening as well.  

We hope this doesn’t leave you feeling too overwhelmed, because the most important thing about getting ready for summer is to just sit back and actually enjoy it. When it comes down to it, you are your own worst critic and enemy towards your looks and physique, so go easy on yourself and just get out there no matter what, and you’ll have the best kind of summer.

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