9 Ways To Repair The Summer Damage To Your Body

After the summer, your body will need some TLC. You may have achieved that desired summer glow, but all that time in the sun, sand and sea will leave side effects on your body, skin and hair. So, to help you get back to looking your best, we will provide you with some hints and tips so that you can look and feel in tip top condition once again.

Sun Scorched Skin

We all love the look of sun kissed skin in the summer, however this can leave our skin red raw and this is a reminder of how powerful and dangerous the sun’s rays can be. Our advice if the sun has hit your face hard is to apply some much-needed moisturiser to your skin. Look for a cream that will gently calm, hydrate and nourish your skin. Aloe vera is an excellent choice, or one of these after sun products.

Dry and Damaged Hair

Whilst dipping in the sea gives us beautifully tousled beach waves, the combination of chlorine, saltwater and sunshine can play havoc on the hair and leave it feeling and looking scorched, brittle and dry. Aside of having regular haircuts in Hamilton for split ends, consider also using a cream on your hair which is water resistant and prevents your hair from any damage, discoloration or dryness which has been caused by the sun and chlorine. If it’s too late and the damage has already been done, then look to apply a product such as a deep conditioning mask which works against dehydration and the damage that’s been caused.

Weak and Split Nails

Ok, excess sun doesn’t damage your nails, but water does. Although the nail plate is ten times more absorbent than our skin, some of the natural oils and moisture in the nails are lost and your nails can begin to break, peel and become flimsy when the water evaporates from them. If this occurs then use for a nail oil specially designed for the cuticles. Look for conditioning products that contain sweet almond oil or jojoba oil which also help to keep the fingers supple, soft and protected. Additionally, you could apply a nail strengthener which contains calcium or protein for stronger, longer and harder nails.

Damage to Teeth

The summer months usually mean that we eat more tasty food and drink sweet drinks which can result in damage to our teeth. The sugar and acid in flavoured waters damage the enamel on our teeth. Fizzy drinks, ice creams and ice lollies all contain a lot of sugar which again damage the tooth enamel. Where possible try and stick to drinking water to keep you cool and hydrated. If however it’s too late and your teeth are giving you some trouble then it may be worth arranging a visit to the dentist to see if you require any dental surgery from your Hamilton dentist, or for some advice on what’s issuing your teeth.

Fading Tan

It takes approximately two weeks of careful timing and sun cream top-ups to obtain the perfect tan. However, it doesn’t take that long to lose a tan. In order to help maintain a tan, use a tan enhancing lotion. These are specially formulated to help the skin (epidermis) reclaim its water balance. This enables your skin to stay radiant, softer and supple for longer. Additionally, you could use a dry body oil. Look for an oil that contains vitamin E and plant oils which will keep your skin looking healthier for longer as well as condition, nourish and retain that golden glow.

Flip Flop Feet

Pebbled beaches and unsupportive sandals can leave our feet looking rough and dehydrated. This can also cause a build-up of calluses and hard skin, not the best look when its open shoe season. Use a foot file to buff away any hard, rough skin and bring back fresher looking feet. Afterwards apply a heel balm to rejuvenate and regenerate your heels. Maybe even consider treating yourself to an at home or professional pedicure!

Colour Faded Hair

Salt water and chlorine are known to make our hair look dull and leave it looking lacklustre and limp. Use a cleansing mask which works to remove excess dirt and oil from the hair, adds gloss, soothes the scalp and fixes the colour. Try and look for a product that contains St. John’s wort or chamomile to help prevent artificial colour pigments from leaking and these also help to rebalance the PH levels in your hair.

Dark Spots on The Face

Melanin production in the skin increases when exposed to the sun. This can result in brown spots appearing on your face. To help even out your complexion you will need to remove dead cells which will lighten these marks and also lighten up older and more stubborn spots. After your usual cleansing routine, use a glycolic peel pad on your face. Use these two to three times each week and also use a retinol cream at the same time. A tip would be to mix the retinol with your usual moisturiser. This will help to keep and irritation or dryness to a minimum.

Dry and Scaly Skin

Salt water, sun and chlorine can all dry out your skin. Thankfully there is a simple solution to this – moisturising. When looking for a moisturising product, look for one that contains glycerin as this helps moisture to be pulled up to the epidermis. Use this moisturiser after showering each day and you’ll soon start to see your skin feeling soft and silky once again. Additionally, choose a creamier formula and not a lightweight one. Additionally, look for a product which contains hyaluronic acid as this also locks in moisture and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin.

We are sure that if you follow all of the above advice you will soon start to see that it is possible to reverse any damage that you’ve done this summer.

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