5 Beauty Tips For Older Women

Aging brings on happiness, fulfillment, and hopefully contentment. It means that we know who we are as a person and are satisfied with ourselves inside and out. No matter how satisfied we are with our outer appearance, it can still seem a bit overwhelming to keep up with society’s standards, especially when we’ve lost that perfect skin and complexion. The truth is, age is beautiful, and really doesn’t take much to make it shine just as brightly as it did in your youth. Following are five simple tips to bring out the best of your age, rather than trying to hide it.

  1. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a beauty trend that is here to stay. It’s certainly not just for older women, either, it’s something that all women can benefit from. As an older woman, however, attempting to shave every day after years of doing so is incredibly frustrating. The good news is that we finally have the opportunity to never shave again with laser hair removal.

The benefits of laser hair removal far outweigh any cons. For one, laser is extremely effective, and can remove hair permanently within a few sessions for many people. It’s also fast and precise, lowering any possibility of affecting the skin around your hair. The process itself is fairly quick and non invasive, and you can go about your normal day after a session.

Just like anything, however, there are a few cons to the process, even if the benefits are plentiful. For one, you do have to go back several times to make sure you’ve destroyed all the roots. Laser works by aiming a beam of light at your hair follicles, destroying the root itself, which prevents the hair from growing again. But, you won’t get it all in one go, and you’ll need the extra sessions to ensure each root is destroyed.

Some people who are more sensitive to pain may find the procedure more uncomfortable than others, and can feel like a sunburn afterwards. You are also recommended to avoid sun exposure to the area, which can be difficult with a large area such as your leg.

  1. Hair trends

Grey hair is inevitable with age. When something is unavoidable, it seems a bit silly to try and avoid it or cover it up, so consider embracing your grey hair as an older woman! Grey is actually a trending hair colour at the moment, so now is your opportunity to be part of a trending style.

If you’re a blonde, you can easily play up your natural gray by adding some strategic blonde  highlights. If you’re transitioning from an all over colour back to natural, make sure that you’re working with an experienced hair stylist to help you make the transition. While simply letting your colour grow out is definitely an option, the appearance of your roots and the length of time it takes to grow out the old colour can be frustrating for a lot of women, which is why working with a stylist can help you make the transition easier.

  1. Teeth whitening

As we age, the coffee, wine, and food stains catch up to us and add layer after layer of stain on our teeth. Over time, simply brushing our teeth isn’t enough to combat the stains, and we can either deal with the way our teeth look naturally, or you can turn to professional teeth whitening. Whitening uses bleach to break up the stains on your teeth, which is why it’s best left to a professional to complete, as you want to ensure you aren’t damaging the already thinning enamel.

Tooth enamel is the outer coating of your teeth which helps keep them white, and as you age, enamel can thin. Depending on your genetics, this can happen quicker than others, or already was thin from birth. Overuse of tooth whiteners, or inappropriate use, can potentially damage enamel, especially those with thin enamel as it is, so again using a professional service is your best bet.

  1. Skin care

One of the biggest beauty complaints of older women is sagging skin, under eye bags, and wrinkles. These things are a beautiful part of aging and provide life and character to your face, and therefore should be embraced rather than rejected. Regardless of your feelings on your wrinkles, however, there are a few things you can and should do to keep your skin healthy without resorting to more drastic measures.

Years of forgetting or refusing to use sunscreen can have a damaging effect on your skin. In your later years, you will want to be especially careful to make sure you’re wearing sunscreen religiously, as well as checking regularly for irregular spots or moles. If you’re using a foundation, try to find one with a high SPF content.

Using eye cream can make a big difference in the puffiness and darkness that can plague your complexion. Try one of these best eye creams on the market right now to see a difference and keep your eyes looking fresh.

  1. Makeup

Your eyes have seen a lifetime of love, sorrow, and happiness, and your face has smiled hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times, so why not accentuate these amazing features and play them to your advantage?

One easy way to play up your beautiful eyes is to define your eyebrows. Eyebrows that stand out bring attention to that part of your face, and in turn easily bring attention to your eyes without needing to wear too much makeup. The biggest tip for defining eyebrows is to not go too overboard, and simply lightly fill in sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural colour. Try using this guide if you need additional help.

With these simple tips, you no longer have to go overboard to try and hide your beautiful, aging beauty. Although it can be incredibly difficult, we should all learn to embrace ourselves as we are at any age, and remember that it really does not take much to highlight our natural beauty.

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