2019 Hair Trends

With the New Year comes new resolutions, new ambitions, new decisions, new dreams, and new trends. Some are amazing – such as the shift towards more ethical and sustainable products, some are bizarre – remember the thong jeans? Some slowly make their way onto the scene, only to quickly fade out. In this article, we will focus on the hair trends of 2019.

With each new generation comes new techniques, new styles, new colours, and a new attitude. In 2019, many trends from the year 2018 will continue to survive, and for some, this will be the end. That said, trends aren’t everything, you should always wear whatever you want to without caring too much about the trends. 2018 was the year of the renaissance of feminism, proof of which is the #MeToo movement. Women all across the world found a common voice and that reflected in their personal style as well. 2019 is the year of bold confident styles that are independent of the trends. Hair and ensemble are more than vanity, they are means for self-expression and discovery. More and more women are delving into discovering their self and their style. This article is more of a glossary for someone who wants to try something new in 2019 and just needs a starting point.  Let this be a stepping stone in your hair and self-makeover journey!

Before we go on to the hairstyling, let’s talk about hair care first. In 2019, hair care will be given just as much importance as skincare, with consumers looking for products that suit their individual needs. Keeping up with this trend we see many brands now investing in coming up with products such as pre-shampoos, scalp masks, scalp exfoliators and much more, plus there is scalp care in salons as well! This trend will only get stronger in 2019.

Moving on to hair colours next…

We like to look at the trend forecasting of Pinterest – one of the largest social media platforms for fashion inspiration. It has a reach of over 250 million users visiting the site per month. It has over 175 billion ideas/images saved onto more than 3 million virtual boards.  This makes their data and prediction highly accurate. As per Pinterest, the two main colours trends for the next year would be grey and purple. There has been a surge in the search for going grey. This year a lot of people will opt for growing out their natural grey hair, thus reviving the whole salt and pepper look, usually mainly seen on men, but now it will be seen sporting by women as well.  For those into unnatural colours, Lilac hair seems to be the most searched option.  This beautiful pastel hue will be all the rage in 2019! Source

Moving on to hairstyles next…


Textured bobs continue to be on the scene, the preferred length is just up to the chin. This style has been around forever, but this year it gets revamped with lots of volume, texture and some easy curls. The trick is to have it slightly longer than chin length which can allow for loose short curls. This style can be seen on Rachel McAdams and other celebrities.


Women are stepping out of their comfort zone and trying out new styles. Previously blonde actress Kate Hudson was seen sporting jet black hair in a super short crop throughout 2017 and 2018. Though this change was for a movie, it made her fall in love with her new crop! More and more women are opting for close shaved heads and are shedding gender roles associated with being a woman for generations. The key here is to add some texture to the hair and add unnatural colours for a bit of whimsy.


This year is all about playing with what you have; women now are embracing their natural curls, waves and naturally straight hair with confidence. Gone are the days of excessive styling to achieve a particular look; natural poker straight hair being permed to stay in trend and vice versa. This year is all about enhancing the natural texture of your hair and going in for haircuts that play to the strength of your natural weave. Amandla Stenberg and Willow Smith are shining examples of this shift.


The buzz cut is buzzing all over town. This bold cut is ultra-daring and adds a touch of punk to your persona. There are different kinds of buzz – the full buzz, the side buzz, the undercut, the faded buzz etc. The bolder the buzz or the undercut, the better! Sporting a fully-shaved or a closely shaved head is no longer unusual. Many celebrities such as Cara Delevinge, Natalie Dormer and Kristen Stewart are rocking this look.


Baby Bangs are all the rage in the year 2019! It’s just above the brow crop that is super popular on the influencer circuit. Emma Watson, Bella Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens are some of the celebrities sporting this look. It’s super cute and bold at the same time. The bangs are given some texture to make them look stunning.


Think the 90s –  the punk era and you will know what we are talking about. This look has a choppy, almost DIY feel to it. The tresses are cut at uneven lengths throughout which gives it a nice edge. The advantage of this haircut is, it is easy to maintain and all the choppiness adds natural volume to your mane. It’s seen on Zendaya in 2018.


No longer reserved for the rebels and the outcast, unnatural colours have seen its best year in 2018 since the 90s, with a lot of women opting for this trend. 2018 has given us unicorn hair which can be seen all over Instagram with several fashion and beauty bloggers sporting this look!

That’s it for hair trends when it comes to 2019. The key takeaway? Be yourself and have some fun!

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